About Joe Gracia

About Joe Gracia

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About Joe Gracia

Joe Gracia began his marketing career nearly 30 years ago. He is an expert in both traditional offline marketing as well as marketing on the Web. Over the past 13 years, he has made his clients literally millions of dollars in increased sales and profits with his unique small business marketing strategies and techniques.

After receiving his degree in Marketing and Advertising Design in 1976, Joe entered broadcast media; first with Public Television (PBS), and then, through the years, with both ABC and CBS television affiliates.

As an advertising designer and then Director of Advertising Design for 14 years, Joe learned some tremendous marketing lessons by working with thousands of small business owners on their marketing strategies and advertising.

The biggest and most important lesson he learned was that the marketing techniques that work wonders for McDonald's, IBM or Disney -- companies with "millions" to spend on their marketing -- don't work for small businesses with small budgets.

At the same time, he also learned which simple, inexpensive, "tested and proven" techniques do work for small businesses.

Founded Effective Business Systems
In 1990 Joe left broadcasting to start Effective Business Systems, a small business consulting firm, specializing in helping small business owners develop simple, but effective, low-cost and profitable marketing systems to replace the costly and wasteful systems commonly in use.

Joe's consulting practice quickly grew as word spread about the dramatic sales increases his marketing methods were producing for his clients.

When Joe asked one new client to set a sales goal for her $300,000 business, she said, "I would love to grow my business to one million dollars in annual sales within the next four years."

Just 24 months later, Joe's client celebrated the achievement of her goal -- two years ahead of schedule! By the fourth year, she was fast approaching two million in annual sales, and still growing.

Another client wanted to double her sales, and then sell her business for a healthy profit. In 1999, her goal of doubling her business was achieved, and in January of 2000 she signed the papers for the sale of her business. All achieved with the help of the marketing techniques Joe shared with her.

Created The Give to Get Marketing Solution
In 1997 Joe set a goal to make his marketing expertise available and affordable for all business owners, no matter how big or small their budget.

His plan was to put all of his marketing expertise, and effective marketing methods -- the same simple marketing methods he was using to help grow his current clients' businesses -- into written form.

In 1999 the project was completed. He called it The Give to Get Marketing Solution.

Co-Creates The Get Organized Now! Web site
Get Organized Now!
In 1997 Joe and his wife, Maria, brought their business and marketing experience to the Internet by co-creating the Get Organized Now!
Web site.

Joe applied his marketing expertise to the design of the site, as well as the overall marketing strategy of the site. Maria actively hosts the site and with the help of Joe's marketing strategy has grow the site into one of the most popular and successful organizing web sites on the Internet, attracting over a million visitors each year.

Creates Give to Get Marketing
On October 1, 2000, Joe founded a new company division called Give to Get Marketing. His Give to Get Marketing Web site is designed to educate small business owners in a wide variety of marketing principles including effective strategies and proven marketing systems.


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