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The Secret Ingredient to Sales Growth is Goals

Achieve Your Goals Easily with the Power of Systems

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Attracting Customers with Classified Ads

Forget Me Not - Stay Uppermost in Your Customers' Minds

Using RFM to Increase Your Sales

How to Make Your Sales Soar with the Give to Get Approach: Part 1

How to Make Your Sales Soar with the Give to Get Approach: Part 2

A Marketing Formula That Works

Soar Through the Sales Barrier by Replacing 'Drop and Hop' with a Winning Marketing Strategy

6 Ways to Avoid Resistance to Your Prices

Removing Obstacles from Your Marketing

5 Magnets Guaranteed to Draw New Customers to Your Business

How to Increase the Size of Each Purchase

6 Ways to Increase Your Customers

5 Proactive Steps You Can Take to Increase Your Sales

Is Your Business 'Out of Sight -- Out of Mind?'

Are You Killing Your Golden Geese?

7 Tips for Attracting New Customers with Small Space Ads

Do You Have an Effective Marketing System to Grow Your Business?

We/Me Versus You/Your Copy

6 Ways to Generate Maximum Referrals

Focus on Results, Not on Activity

Your 14 Point Marketing Challenge

How Good Are You at The Great Game of Marketing

8 Point Checklist for Growing Your Business

12 Vital Elements Each of Your Marketing Vehicles Should Include

25 Ways to Deliver Your Message to Your Target Audience

Prospect Selection Checklist

Product Development Checklist: Part 1

Product Development Checklist: Part 2

Achieve Your Marketing Goals with the Power of...Systems

Give Your Prospects What They Want, and You'll Automatically Increase Your Sales

Six Major Marketing Concepts You Need to Know

Five Ways to Show How Much You Love Your Customers

Speak Your Way to Profit

Six Give to Get Marketing Examples

Five Tips for Creating Headlines That Get Attention

The Three Stages of the Buying Process

A Tip from David Letterman and Jay Leno About Growing Your Sales

Eliminating The Three Major Obstacles Between You and Your Prospects

More People Will Buy if They Get to Try

The 7 Steps to a Marketing Goldmine

10 Tips for Growing Your Business the Organized Way

4 Power Follow-up Ideas

The Truth About Advertising

Give Them a Reason to Rave About You

7 Low Cost Ideas for Promoting Your Business

Do the Right Things

10 Simple Marketing Tips to Guarantee More Response

5 Ways to Market with Business Cards

Harness the Power of Coupon Borders

When Following Up, Be a Guest, Not a Pest

How You Can Use Hollywood's Secret for Generating Maximum Sales

Generating Prospects with a Free Report

Turn Your Business Card into a Powerhouse Marketing Vehicle

Guest Articles

Planning Your Way to Success

How to Get On Talk Radio and Reach Thousands for FREE!

7 High-Powered Selling Tactics to Increase Your Sales

Increase Your Sales with These 5 Buying Stimulators

8 'Duh!' Ideas to Get Back to Basics

Do You Know How Your Business is Doing? Take These Tests!

Why Santa's Marketing Works Better Than Yours

10 Ways To Inject Extra Profits Into Your Business!

Pricing Yourself to Get, and Stay In, Business

7 Questions You Must Answer Before a Customer Will Buy


Calculator for Determining Your Marketing Results

Calculator for Determining Your Return on Investment (ROI)

Calculator for Determining Your Breakeven Point

Calculator for Determining the Lifetime Value of a Customer

Calculator for Determining Your Web Site Visitor Value

Sales and Profit Calculator When Selling Your Own Product

Sales and Profit Calculator When Selling a Commissioned Product

Determine Your Hourly Rate


Myth: If At First They Don't Respond, It Means They'll Never Respond

Myth: You Need to Keep Creating New Ads or Your Prospects Will Become Bored with Them

Myth: One follow-up should be enough to convert a prospect

Myth: Prospects aren't important -- the only thing that matters is sales!

Myth: It takes a long time before your advertising starts producing any results

Myth: Six referral killing myths

Myth: The purpose of my ads should be to sell my product or service

Myth: Advertising can get people to buy products they don't really want

Myth: Good advertising can make a bad product successful


Motivational Quotations

Shake It Off!

A 9 Step System for Achieving Your Goals

Kick the Procrastination Habit

Who Am I?

The Three Frogs

The Three Travelers

Get Your Priorities Straight

Change Your Point of View

The Fisherman

Formula for Success


5 Tips for Attracting Visitors to Your Web Site

Using the Power of E-mail to Market Your Business

9 Tips for Marketing with Electronic Newsletters

15 Strategy Tips to Help Create a Magnetic Web Site

11 Web Site Design Tips to Help Keep Your Visitors Coming Back Again and Again

6 Web Site Content Tips to Attract Potential Customers Like a Magnet!

Guest Articles

Does Your Web Site Beat The Clock?

The 13 Questions You Must Ask When Selecting A Listserver For Your Business

10 Quick Traffic Building Tips For Any Web Site

When Avon Doesn't Call: A Lesson for Internet Marketers

Top Ten Ways to Use Autoresponders in Your Business

The 3 Secrets of High Traffic Sites

10 Tips For Writing Powerful Articles

How Local Businesses Can Use the Web to Increase Sales


Developing Your Marketing Strategy

What is a Unique Marketing Proposition (USP)?

What is the best, easiest, quickest and cheapest method to research one's business idea?

What is the best way for me to grow my 'particular' business?

Why do I need a Marketing Strategy?

How does marketing differ from advertising?

What's the difference between the Awareness strategy and the Direct Response strategy?

Isn't Direct Response and Direct Mail the same thing?

Can you tell me what the advantages are of direct marketing to marketers and consumers?

What kind of business should I start?

Is giving away freebies really a good marketing idea?

Are there any differences between selling products vs. services?

Should I offer one product or hundreds?

Hasn't the word FREE lost its effectiveness today?

How do people decide who to buy from?

Is Share of Voice a concept that small business owners need to know?

Developing Your Marketing Plan

What is a Marketing Plan?

Should I create a Marketing Plan?

How much money do I need to set aside for marketing my business?

What kind of results can I expect from my marketing?

Is it really necessary to track my marketing results?

How can knowing my Conversion Rates make me more money?

How can I get my clients to pay my standard rates?

Developing Your Marketing Vehicles

Marketing Vehicles -- General

What are Marketing Vehicles?

Which are the best Marketing Vehicles to use?

What is the most effective tool to use to promote my home delivery business?

When creating a brochure, are there better colors to use than others?

Are side-by-side feature/benefit comparison charts effective?

Web Sites

How can I create a basic Web site to sell my product?

Direct Mail

Isn't Direct Mail just Junk Mail?

Do hand-addressed envelopes get more response?

How big of a list do I need to test my direct mail letter?

Newspaper Ads

Should I use big or small newspaper ads?

How can I get my small newspaper ads noticed?

How can I get more response from my newspaper ads?

How can I compare the profitability of one ad compared with another?


How You Can Turn $25 Into $4,000

How Dan Lewis Tripled His Business in Nine Months!

Sundae Sales Get Sweeter!

Gift Certificate Sales Leap Ahead by 415%

There's a Right Way and Wrong Way
to Write a Customer Follow-up Letter

From 19th to 1st place in 18 months!

The $8,000 Marketing Mistake

The Business Owner Who Lost Track of Her Sales


The Give to Get Marketing Solution

The Ultimate Guide for Professional Organizers

Finally Organized, Finally Free

Easy Organizer

Easy Bill Paying System

fileWISE Products

The Holiday Planner

Better Business Newsletter
Simple Organizing Solutions for the Office

Credit Card Guarantee

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