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Six Give to Get Marketing Examples
by Joe Gracia

Listen to what your prospects and customers want-- and then give it to them.


Our prospects and customers want lots of free information to help them grow their businesses through more effective marketing.

So we offer them a free idea-pak and a free newsletter as well as a growing library of free articles on our Web sites.

This attracts them like a magnet!


McDonald's prospects and customers wanted a place for their children to play while they relaxed and finished their meals. McDonald's listened and gave them what they wanted.


When our business was focused on one-on-one consulting projects, we had to attract prospects first, then set up an appointment, and then close the sale.

Many of those sales resulted in long-term consulting projects worth from $50,000-$100,000 to our small business. One long-term project generated over $300,000. I tell you this to emphasize the incredible profitability of this approach.

The appointment session was designed as a needs analysis and sales presentation rolled into one.

My natural nature is to give people volumes of solid marketing information for free, even before they have become a client--I guess I was born with the Give to Get philosophy.

What I discovered over time was, the more free tips I gave my prospects in the sales presentation, the easier and easier it became to get them to shake my hand and become a new, long- term client.

I believe our prospects felt, ‘If he is willing to give so much before we have paid him a dime, imagine what we'll get if we sign up with him.'

After that, we never thought of our appointments as sales presentations, but always as Marketing Tips Presentations.

Once we started promoting our 20 Minute Marketing Tips Presentations, to our prospects, our appointment rate went up from 20% to 60%.

Prospects, or customers for that matter, don't want sales presentations. They want help.


Many businesses, including fast-food restaurants, banks, dry cleaners, etc. discovered that their prospects and customers wanted more convenience when ordering and picking up their orders. The businesses listened and gave them what they wanted.


When we first moved our business to the Web about two years ago, we only accepted checks and money orders for payment. Our customers kept asking us if we could accept credit cards online. We listened and now offer payment by credit card online, or by fax or mail.

Our sales quadrupled by just giving our customers what they wanted. Give to Get!


When prospects are trying to consider who they should buy from, one of the things they are most concerned about is ‘protection’ against a bad purchase.

They ‘want’ to know that if this product or service isn't quite what they thought it was going to be, that they will be able to get their money back within a reasonable time frame.

All of the major department stores have solid money-back guarantees, because they know that their customers would buy from someone else if they didn't.

We are amazed at how many small businesses refuse to understand this simple but powerful concept--give your customers an unconditional, money-back guarantee and you will gain their ‘trust’ and their sales.

Isn't this exactly what you would want as a customer?

As long as your product or service is high quality and delivers exactly what you promise--or a little more--you won't have to worry about customers taking advantage of you. Most customers are honest and ethical.

Our return rate is less than 2%. As long as you keep your return rate under 5%, you will do fine.

We give a 90-day, money-back guarantee on all of our products, except our Give to Get Marketing Solution, which we guarantee for one full year!

The number of additional sales you will generate due to giving your customers a money-back guarantee, more than offsets the few returns you will receive.

One of our long-term consulting clients--a travel agency-- increased her sales by $400,000 in one year, by simply guaranteeing each aspect of her travel packages. How much money did she have to refund that year -- are you ready?? Just $500! That's because her customers always rave about her travel packages.

Think about how you can give your prospects and customers a strong money-back guarantee--the stronger the guarantee, the more sales you will get.

Look around you and practice seeing how other businesses are using the Give to Get Marketing philosophy.

Then brainstorm every way you can add these prospect attracting and sales generating systems to your business.

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