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Give Your Prospects
What They Want, And You'll
Automatically Increase Your Sales
by Joe Gracia

The Give to Get Marketing philosophy is focused on ‘Giving your prospects and customers what 'they' want,’ so you--and your business--get what 'you' want.

It's a two-way street. Win, Win. Give to Get. I think you get the point. ;0)

When you give your prospects and customers exactly what they want, there is little or no selling necessary. They are just naturally attracted to your business, as opposed to anyone else's business. They actually ‘want’ to buy from you!

Too many business owners design and run their businesses around the ‘GET’ philosophy, rather than ‘GIVE TO GET,’ focusing all of their mental energy on what ‘they can get’ from their customers.

They are so focused on ‘getting money’ from their customers, that their prospects rarely enter their thought process.

Why? Because they don't equate prospects with tangible sales. In their minds, prospects are ‘worthless.’

Wow! What an incredibly self-defeating thought process. It's an example of what Zig Ziglar calls ‘Stinkin' Thinkin!’

What is needed is a complete overhaul on their perspective.

They need a ‘paradigm shift’ -- a total change of perspective.

In reality--meaning sales and profit--next to customers, your prospects are of paramount importance.

There is always a direct relationship between the number of prospects you attract to your business and your number of sales.

With our Web sites the relationship is--on average-- 1.6%. Of all the people who visit our home page, 1.6% of them buy a product from our Web site store.

If 10,000 people visit our home page in any given week, we will sell 160 product units. (10,000 x 1.6%)

If 100,000 people visit, we'll sell 1600 product units.

Can you see why we put so much focus on making sure our prospects get what they want? When they get what they want, we always get what we want!

We utilize a number of marketing systems each month that are designed solely to attract prospects to our Web sites.

When we want to increase our sales, we simply increase our prospect marketing systems.

Of course, we also use marketing systems that are solely designed to convert our prospects into customers and to sell more to our current customers.

But it all starts with prospects. We love 'em! And you should too.

At this point, we've grown our free Get Organized Now! opt-in newsletter list to hundreds of thousands of subscribers, and that equates to tens of thousands of dollars a month in sales from that one Web site.

In order to do that, we must give our prospects exactly what they want. They want lots of free content on our Web sites, and lots of free tips in our newsletters.

What are you giving your prospects to attract them like a magnet to your business?

Examine your business and marketing thinking to ensure that you eliminate the destructive GET philosophy, and replace it with the Give to Get philosophy and your sales will soar!

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