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How to Make Your Sales Soar
with the Give to Get Approach:
Part 2

by Joe Gracia

You learned in Part 1 that the One-Step strategy--trying to get people to buy your product or service in one, quick and easy step--doesn't work.

I had you imagine a pushy, obnoxious, door-to-door salesman at your door, using the ineffective One-Step marketing strategy.

The One-Step strategy attempts to get people to buy in one quick and easy step--with very little success.

The Give to Get Marketing Approach
Now let's imagine a very different scenario.

Once again, there is a knock at your door. When you open the door, you again see a salesman holding a large case.

"Good morning! I'm here to offer you a free gift this morning." he begins.

"My name is Robert Jones. I represent the Acme Brush company. This is not a sales call. The purpose of my visit is to offer everyone in your neighborhood a free sample of our new brush products."

Mr. Jones then opens his display case and offers you any one of his brushes as a complimentary, free sample.

"There is absolutely no obligation to buy anything," he says. "This is simply our way of introducing ourselves and our products to you."

You look over the brushes and pick one that appeals to you.

"I know that you are a busy person, but would you give me your permission to take just one more minute of your time to tell you about the special qualities of the particular brush you selected?"

"Well, I am busy . . . but, if it will take just a minute, that would be fine," you reply.

Mr. Jones proceeds to share the features and benefits of the brush you chose. He tells you about the modern, durable material it's made of, its specially designed bristles that won't damage your hair, the ergonomically designed handle that fits perfectly in your hand, and the fact that all of his brushes come with an unconditional, lifetime guarantee.

After one minute, Mr. Jones finishes his short presentation as follows:

"I'd like to leave you with one of our product catalogs. As I said there is absolutely no obligation or pressure to buy any of our products, ever.

"But, I wonder if after you've used our sample brush for a week or two, if I might stop back to get your opinion of the quality of our product, and answer any questions you might have about any of the other items in our catalog?

"In appreciation for your time today, along with our catalog, I'd also like to give you a special Discount Certificate.

"If, when I return, you'd like to apply your Discount Certificate towards the purchase of any of our catalog products, I'd be happy to take your order at that time. If not, that's perfectly fine.

"And just for allowing me the opportunity to stop back, I'll have another small, free gift for you.

"Would that be okay with you?" he asks.

"That would be fine. Actually, I've been thinking of replacing a few of our old brushes. Perhaps I will find something in your catalog."

"Thank you for your time," he says, "and have a wonderful day."

What a difference from the pushy, obnoxious approach used by Mr. John Smith of Acme Widgets.

Okay, I'll admit, the dialog might have been a little corny. And what company today would go through the expense of making house calls to sell inexpensive brushes?

But this is exactly how the Fuller Brush Company successfully sold its line of products earlier in the last century. And they sold a lot of brushes. Yes, it was a simpler time back then, and many things have changed.

However, people haven't changed.

You have the power to either repel people or attract them
People have always responded to pushiness and sales pressure in the same way--by resisting. They are repelled.

And they have always responded to generosity and courtesy in the same way--by giving the benefit of the doubt and their attention. They are actually attracted to such an approach.

One of the primary keys to the success of the Give to Get strategy, is to target people who have a genuine interest in the solution that your product or service provides.

Every homemaker that the Fuller Brush salespeople encountered used brushes. They may not have been in the market at that exact moment for a new brush, but they did have an interest in brushes.

Can you see the incredible power of this disarming approach?

When done correctly, instead of repelling your prospects you actually attract them to your business--like a magnet.

It's the difference between tossing rocks at a nearby squirrel, or tossing nuts. One will repel, the other will attract.

Some examples of the Give to Get Marketing Approach today
  • AOL: America Online distributes millions of CDs in the mail, in magazines and on the counters of business partners offering you 500 hours of service free.

    They allow you to sample their service without any obligation to buy. With this Give to Get Marketing strategy, they have become the number one Internet Service Provider. Only people interested in Internet Services are going to take advantage of this offer.

  • AVON: My wife recently received a promotional post card in the mail from AVON. It offered her an entire gift package filled with over $20 worth of AVON products for any purchase of $20 or more. It was a Give to Get offer that made her take immediate action. Only people interested in AVON products are going to take advantage of this offer.

  • THE BIG EASY: We usually stop by the food court at our local mall after a Saturday morning of shopping. Of all the food outlets in the food court, there is only one that stands out for us. The Big Easy always has the longest line at its counter because of its popularity. Why is it so popular? Well, their food is very good for one, but their marketing strategy also has a lot to do with it.

    All day, every day, a Big Easy employee is out in front, offering people who pass by, free samples of their delicious bourbon chicken.

    We've seen it happen again and again. Someone will take a sample, walk a few steps, stop, turn around and get in line. That's how we became hooked two years ago. One sample, and we are now long-term, happy customers. Only people interested in The Big Easy's type of menu items are going to take advantage of this offer.

  • FREE HOME BUYING TIPS: A local bank offers a free booklet of Home-Buying Tips. Of course, along with the home buying tips booklet, the bank is also going to provide their prospects with information about their services. Only people interested in buying a home are going to take advantage of this offer.

  • MASSAGE THERAPIST: At one of our local summer festivals, Maria and I had an opportunity to witness a great example of the Give to Get Marketing approach.

    A massage therapist was offering free, 10-minute sample massages. In order to get a free massage, visitors were required to sign up for their mailing list. Then, every month or so, they would receive a free newsletter and special offers.

    After their massage, they were given discount coupons for future visits. Only people interested in massage therapy are going to take advantage of this offer.

  • POPCORN VENDOR: Another festival vendor had the right idea too. A small popcorn wagon had a line of hungry customers a mile long. Well, maybe not quite a mile--but believe me, it was long.

    When we got a little closer we discovered why. An employee was at the side of the wagon handing out small, free sample bags of their special caramel popcorn.

    Again, people would take a few steps, turn around and get on line. Of course, the popcorn was excellent, and only people who love caramel popcorn are going to take advantage of this offer.

People buy things they want from people they know, like and trust
People want to get to know, like and trust people before they feel comfortable enough to become their customers. The Give to Get Marketing approach gives them that opportunity.

There is no limit to the number of ways the Give to Get Marketing approach can be applied. Every business, no matter how large or small, can attract a lot more qualified prospects and customers with this approach.

There are many ways for you to apply the Give to Get approach for little or no money. For the small investment in time, the rewards are tremendous.

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