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How to Increase the
Size of Each Purchase
by Joe Gracia

There are only three ways to grow a business:

a. Increase Your Customers
b. Increase the Size of Each Purchase
c. Increase the Number of Times Your Customers Purchase from You

Here are three ways to increase the size of each purchase.


There is no better time to sell something else to a person than when he or she is already in a buying mood.

Ever notice when you place an order over the phone with a catalog company that they often offer you an additional product or service for a special price?

A certain percentage of customers always agree to the add-on.

'Would you like bacon with your burger?'

That's a line we taught a fast food client of ours to ask every customer who orders a burger. Their bacon sales skyrocketed. Many customers said they never knew they had bacon.

Think about what you could offer your customers as an add-on. All it takes is a simple question, 'Would you like to add . . . to your order today?'

Of course, the more special you make your offer, the higher the number of people who will accept it.


People love package deals! If you're selling your products or services separately, you should consider combining a few of them into a special package.

Let's go back to our fast food client. They are an independent fast food, custard stand, established in 1938. For over 60 years they had sold their sandwiches, fries and drinks ala carte.

We taught them the power of packaging -- something the big chains already knew.

We had them turn every one of their sandwiches into a special Combo Deal -- Sandwich, Large Fries and Large Drink. Again, this is not a new idea, it's just a great idea that they had never thought of doing before.

People want you, actually expect you, to make it easy for them to buy your products and services. They love it when you pre-package your products for them so they don't have to think about which items they should buy.

As you can imagine, our client's sales went through the roof. They sold more large fries and large drinks than they ever thought possible. They will continue to profit from those additional sales month after month, year after year. Their customers were happy, and they were happy. A win-win situation.

You can get the same types of results for your business if you apply the right strategy. Our Give to Get Marketing Solution can show you the simple steps you need to take to send your sales through the roof.

Travel agencies put together air, hotel, restaurant and entertainment packages for their customers. The customer gets a complete well-planned package of quality accomodations at a great price. The agency gets happy customers and profitable sales.

A cosmetics consultant could put together a special holiday package of beauty products for her customers.

When we were providing one-on-one marketing consulting services to small business owners, we always offered our prospects a package of services. They would save a lot of money if they purchased our package of services, rather than purchasing each service separately. They always chose our package offer, because it made sense to them.

Any business can sell more by simply packaging their products and services in logical and appealing ways.

What kind of special packages can you put together for your customers and clients?


You may wonder how eliminating a profit loser could increase the amount your customers purchase -- but here's another example from our fast food client.

They were promoting their fries in three sizes; small, medium and large. We recommended that they eliminate the small fries, and call their medium fries their regular fries. Not one customer has questioned the change. Everyone who used to order the small fries, now orders the regular fries for $ .20 more.

That one, simple change, has increased their annual sales by about $8,000 a year. Multiply that over 10 years and you have over $80,000 in additional sales with no work, and no investment.

Do you have a product that is drawing away from a higher seller? If so, remove it from your line and promote the higher priced version as a test.

It may not work in all situations, but it's worth looking into.

Increasing your sales doesn't have to be expensive or hard work. It's all about working smarter, not harder.

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