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Achieve Your Marketing Goals
with the Power of...Systems
by Joe Gracia

Once you've clearly defined your goals and set time-frames, you'll need effective marketing systems for achieving them.

Don't let the word systems concern you. Systems are not really complicated -- but they are extremely important to your success.

A system is a specific sequence of steps designed to achieve a specific goal.

Think of the steps you need to perform if your goal was to bake a cake.

System Steps for Baking A Cake

  1. Get a recipe
  2. Get the ingredients and utensils you need
  3. Combine the ingredients according to the recipe
  4. Pour the ingredients into a cake pan
  5. Bake the ingredients according to the instructions
  6. Decorate the cake
  7. Slice and serve the cake
That's a perfect example of a system. Notice that the steps must be performed in a particular sequence.

You can't start baking the ingredients until you've mixed them, and you certainly can't begin to slice the cake until you've baked it and decorated it.

That's the way it is with systems. Every step fits perfectly with the steps before and after it. It's like opening a combination lock. You must enter the correct numbers in the correct sequence if you want to achieve your goal of opening the lock.

If you perform the steps of an effective system correctly, you will have a very high probability of success.

You already perform hundreds, perhaps even thousands of simple systems to accomplish little goals every day without even thinking about them.

You have morning systems for brushing your teeth, showering and getting dressed. Then you have systems for preparing breakfast, and systems for getting to work.

I think you'll agree that you perform all of these daily systems easily. But, when you first learned those systems, they were new to you and may have taken a little while for you to become comfortable performing them.

It's the same with your marketing systems. There are marketing systems for attracting prospects to your business and systems for converting those prospects into lifetime customers. It's just a simple matter of learning what those systems are and then practicing them until they become second nature to you.

If your business is generating sales, then you are already using marketing systems. The only question is, are they effective systems, or ineffective systems?

Are your current marketing systems generating the level of prospects, customers and sales each month that you want?

If not, then you need to improve your systems. There is no other way. If you keep performing the same systems, you're going to keep getting the same results.

Don't worry, it's easy to improve your marketing systems once you understand the basic concepts of the Give to Get Marketing strategy.

The rest of our Web site will show you how to do that, and provide you with lots more examples to help you to clarify your goals and develop effective systems for growing your business.

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