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Visitor and Customer Comments

  • I am enjoying everything I am learning--which is MASSES-- from your Give to Get Marketing Solution.

    I am finding a revelation on every turn of the page. It is easy to read, highly engaging and fascinating.

    Actually it is riveting! I am finding it a God-send of vital information.

    After 20 years of a career as a self-marketed classical musician I can now see so many gaping errors I have made, and so many things to address and redress in the future.

    In my new career as a Life Coach ( I am seeing everything laid out on a silver plate for me to reap rewards and offer what I have as effectively as possible.

    With all good wishes,

    -- D'Arcy Trinkwon, Forward Future, London, Great Britain

  • I received your Give to Get Marketing course and I thought it was the best marketing book I ever read.

    I read it from cover to cover in about 2 days...and it has a permanent place on my bedside table - so that I re-read portions every day so that I can get re-inspired all the time.

    -- Linda Leyble, Faux Finish Studio
    Great River, NY

  • I don't often personally write to those of you whom I receive newsletters from, but I believe when you appreciate someone you should tell them and that's the reason for this e-mail.

    I wanted you to know your newsletter is one of the few I read word for word. You both have a style of writing in plain English and painting a visual picture of what it is you are trying to get across.

    Thank-you so much for all the wonderful advise you so willingly share in each newsletter.

    -- dee fox bentley, foxs foliage - fantastic baskets

  • Your Give to get Marketing Solution is so full of good, good ideas. The most important thing about those ideas for me is that most don't require a lot of money. Since I'm a small business, I can't afford to blow any dollars on anything that's not going to generate results.

    Thank you again. It's so refreshing to do business -- especially Internet business -- with someone who believes in what they're doing and is ethical and fair. God Bless.

    -- Janet Hendricks, The Executive Valet, Austin, TX

  • I downloaded your Give to Get Marketing Solution one hour ago and the time was 1am! It is now 2am and I can't stop reading it.

    Thank you for a wonderful product. Just by quickly scanning over the articles even in these 'wee small hours' I can see you have a real winner here.

    I run a carpet cleaning business and have purchased many marketing kits directed specifically for carpet cleaners. I can tell you, your manual knocks spots off the lot of them.

    -- Mark Betts, Carpet Magic, Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners
    Northamptonshire, United Kingdom

  • I've read hundreds of marketing books,by all the greats and while they were good, not one has simplified the process of marketing like your Give to Get Marketing Solution.

    My whole thinking of marketing changed last weekend when I finished your course and it dawned on me how many times in the past I was trying to sell to Strangers and getting down on myself when I didnít produce any sales. Now I understand why, and what to do about it.

    Your material is extremely valuable and any business owner who wants to grow his or her business should use the money they would throw away on wrong marketing and invest in this course.

    -- Eugene Means, Lexington, Kentucky

  • Your Give to Get Marketing Solution has made me tear apart how I have looked at my customers and prospects. You showed me that blaming my customers for the poor response to my marketing was undeniably of my own design.

    Your program made it clear that people aren't mean or cheap or even unintelligent -- just concerned with their own particular needs.

    Because of your program, I am now improving the entire way I do business.

    Thanks for a great program.

    -- David Leyhue, David's WindoWorks, Kingman, AZ

  • I couldn't put down your Give to Get Marketing Solution! It is full of great ideas and advice. The 'ineffective' and 'effective' ad samples illustrate the whole concept wonderfully.

    I downloaded the digital version and it was fast, easy and well put together. I've got a head full of marketing ideas now to launch my business. Thank you so much.

    -- Anne Lehmkuhl, Coffee News Ottawa
    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

  • I understood your Give to Get Marketing concept very well and have looked in the local newspapers and yellow pages to find that they all are doing the ineffective one-step approach.

    As a Graphic Designer with lots of competition, I feel confident that your package, and the Lord, will help me. I found that your marketing ideas were very natural, and they go nicely with my Christian principles.

    I have NEVER purchased anything from America or the NET before, but your offer was too good to pass up. I am so pleased with your package and your ordering process, that I feel we could do more business together in the future.

    -- Tania Hassounia, Graphic Designer
    Christchurch, New Zealand

  • I bought your Give to Get Marketing course and I can see that you folks are very talented. I can't say enough 'Thank You's' for accepting your talent and sharing with everyone. Keep up the great work!!!

    -- Luzelenia Nunez, Exquisite Events
    Chicopee, Massachusetts

  • Hi, Joe and Maria. I just wanted to say thanks for the terrific, mind-expanding info you have on your site. I just finished reading your 'Removing Obstacles' tutorial, which is an excellent, specific illustration of how, and how not, to market. Thanks again.

    -- Darrin Koltow, Orlando, Florida

  • As with all the products I have purchased from you, your Give to Get Marketing Solution is a wonderful business tool.

    Your products always look too good to be true and then once you read them you realize that in fact they exceed all expectations.

    -- Leandra Barclay, Designer of Handmade Greeting Cards
    United Kingdom

  • Thanks so much for all of the wonderful information in your Give to Get Marketing Solution. One of the most helpful parts of the course was the examples section you provide of ineffective vs. effective ads.

    I also wanted to let you know that the download was very easy, quick and efficient with lots of directions to follow if someone would have trouble.

    I would definitely recommend your course to others who need help with their marketing.

    -- Cheryl L. Leonard - Priority Errands, Appleton, WI

  • I have begun reading your Give to Get Marketing Solution, and I love it! I have learned so much already. Thank you!

    P.S. I also really enjoy your newsletter...don't stop!

    -- Brendon, New Zealand

  • The concept of your Give to Get Marketing Solution is pure genius. It makes perfect sense. Why would anyone want to buy from a complete stranger? The information was concise and straightforward. I understood and loved it immediately. And what a bargain; all those pages of information! The bonuses and resources were extensive! The simplicity of the entire Give to Get Marketing concept is just amazing.

    -- Debbie Tobias, Down The Aisle, Mount Rainier, MD

  • I just wanted to let you know that I think your web site is fantastic. I love your motivational stories, as well as reading your case studies. I am a high school business technology instructor in Pennsylvania, and I intend to use your site in my classes. Your marketing theory is very straight-forward and effective. Keep up the good work!

    -- Sharon R. Beyer, Pennsylvania

  • I must tell you that I have been receiving your free marketing newsletter for several months and have learned SO MUCH through your wonderful service. Thank you!

    -- Carolyn Ferrell

  • I have been a subscriber to your newsletter for some time now and have found it very helpful in marketing my business. I have given out your web site URL for your free newsletter to countless friends all of whom have been very impressed with your work and they should be.

    Your newsletter is so valuable that I can no longer receive it in good conscience without doing something for you in return. To that end, I have spoken with friends of mine familiar with restaurants in Milwaukee and they tell me there are two good German Restaurants in town--John Ernst's and Karl Ratzsch's. Take your pick because you are going out to dinner at one of them on me. If you don't select one I will and that's risky because I've been to neither. If you absolutely hate German food, name a restaurant you would like to have dinner at and I will make the arrangements.

    I'm sure this goes in the book as an unusual expression of customer loyalty, but you have the best help available anywhere and as a "boomer" I'm old enough to remember the notion of "conscience payments," and the need to say "thank you." So, Thank You!

    Best Regards a Satisfied Customer,

    -- Donald E. Horton, P.A., St. Paul, MN

  • Your web sites are great -- easy to read, easy to follow, easy to find what you want and need -- and in the process it is not unusual to come across a bonus in the form of a tip, advice or suggestion. One problem's too easy to spend too long looking at all the material available :-)

    -- Vivienne Montague, Keystrokes & Concepts,
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  • I just wanted to tell you that you have an awesome Web site. Lots of excellent content. Congratulations and keep up the good work.

    -- Chris Mapson, The RESPONSE Group

  • WOW!! I stumbled upon Maria's Get Organized Now site a few months ago and dropped a personal note, and today I just read one of the best pieces on marketing from WebProfitTips by Joe. I clicked to visit the site, imagine my surprise. You guys rock!! I just wanted to say thank you for the article, I forwarded it to the founder of our company! I'll be researching the Give to Get Marketing site some more! Thank you!!

    -- Ricci Neer,

  • I purchased a copy of your Give to Get Marketing Solution and received it 2 days ago. I couldn't put it down! I just wanted to write and say 'thank you' for producing such a worthwhile read. It really delivers what you promise.

    Robyn Annett, Chica Fina Skin & Beauty
    Brisbane, Australia

  • I just want to say I love your Web site and appreciate the information on it. There's so much and it's very practical. Great work!

    -- Janise Beguhl, Shipshape Organizing

  • It's uncanny how your Breakthrough Marketing Ideas newsletter always contains exactly what I need, right when I need it! We are in the midst of creating a new brochure, and apparently our old ones made a lot of the mistakes you point out. Small wonder they weren't very successful! I didn't know how to design the new ones, but now I have quite a few good ideas! I am glad I am a subscriber to your Breakthrough Marketing Ideas and always look forward to them.

    -- Dorothy Vitrano, Fruition Gifts

  • I received your Give to Get Marketing Solution last night and jumped right in. I was impressed by the size and professionalism of the package. Thank you for a worthwhile and valuable program. I have been disappointed with many programs I have purchased in the past but this by far surpasses anything I have come in contact with. Thanks again for a professional, easy read, marketing instruction manual.

    -- Jackie Jones, President NAFEE, Las Vegas Chapter

  • Love your site and the ideas in the marketing kit.

    -- John McRae, Australia

  • After reading one of your case studies on your Web site, I went in and changed my ads and I immediately started getting A LOT of orders for my catalog! It was amazing! Thanks so much for the tips and encouragements!

    -- Caroline Meisel, My-Memories

  • I just signed up for your free newsletter. IT IS GREAT!!!!! I learned quite a bit. All of your ideas are excellent. You and your wife have been one of the most valuable marketing resources I have had the pleasure and opportunity to come across.

    -- Andrea Cummings, Creative Clerical Services, Inc.
    Inventor of the FileFinder/BookFinder

  • Your Give to Get Marketing Solution may be the single best investment in marketing I've ever made. Not only is this the most reasonably priced marketing course I've ever purchased -- it dramatically OVERDELIVERS! Your ability to synthesize the critical elements of direct response marketing and communicate these elements clearly, with no fluff, no filler, no wasted space, borders on genius. I know that's a strong word, but I've read and studied most of what's available. I'm amazed at how much powerful info you packed into that manual at such a reasonable price.
    With sincere appreciation,

    -- Eric Ruth, Fitness Marketing Systems

  • Exceptionally great newsletter issue! Good work on really getting to the meat of some of the problems for small business.

    -- Denise O'Berry, The Small Business Edge

  • Just a note to say 'Thank You' for writing the Give to Get Marketing Solution. I have to say that it is the best Marketing course I have ever bought. How I wish I had found you before I wasted so much money on so called expert marketing courses that really don't teach you much. Your course is easy to read and right to the point. I especially like all the examples of the Right way and Wrong way to market. You can certainly tell that your heart went into writing this course without holding anything back. It shows you really want to help people succeed. Thanks again!

    -- Laura Kerns, Coast Club Travel

  • Thank you so much for your Give to Get marketing Newsletter. You have been of great help to me and my friends who are not connected to the Internet.

    -- Lagunju Akanni Olawale

  • Your Give to Get Marketing Solution is overall one of best marketing books I have ever read -- and I have read quite a few. It is written in a language which is plain and to the point. Every topic in the book is put so it makes perfect sense. I will call the book, the REAL 'marketing techniques for dummies.' WOW!! I have already started implementing the book in my daily marketing over the Internet and I can see it works. A great course that I will recommend to anybody who is doing any kind of marketing, on or off line. Thank you for a fantastic marketing course.

    -- Tim Hanson

  • It's incredible. Every Give to Get Marketing technique we try, brings in additional customers and sales. We spent years throwing money away on marketing that never produced a dime in additional sales. That will never happen again, now that we know how easy it is to guarantee more sales every month. This stuff works! Don't hesitate, just get it!

    -- Tom Linscott, Gilles Frozen Custard

  • I just wanted to say that you follow Zig Ziglar's motto... 'That in helping others, that it just works out that you will be helped in return.' To be perfectly honest, I felt guilty being in your site. I felt as if I had gotten into a 'paid subscriber's site'. Then I realized that for all the information that I have received -- conservatively $1,000 -- that I was not having to pay even a dime! Thanks so much for all your help. I look forward to buying your 'Give to Get Marketing Solution.' You have a great site. Keep up the good work, Joe and Maria. I look forward in continuing to learn from you.

    -- John S. Carser, Exit Realty Professionals
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  • You Two are the Very Best. I have told my brothers and their wives and brother in-law and my sister, and my friends that all have small businesses, and they very, much enjoy both your Web sites. Just wanted to let you both know how much everyone appreciates your Web sites and all your books!

    -- Diane, from Seattle

  • I just have to tell the two of you how pleased I am with your Web site, your book and your newsletters. I thank you for your contributions to my life and making it so much easier. I have learned a lot. I think that you have some excellent resources for people in business.

    -- Merry Shiff

  • Your web site looks just as awesome as ever. Thanks for the time and energy you and your husband put into this ENORMOUS site!!!

    -- Karyl

  • The Give to Get Marketing Solution is THE BEST marketing guide I have ever read! I have read so many marketing books in the past that my head was spinning. Not one has come close to the clear, EASY, succinct, obvious methods detailed in your program. It has simplified everything. I have been dreading writing a marketing plan but now am all fired up since I finally UNDERSTAND what to do! Thanks again for offering such a great resource.

    -- Patricia Cox, Ph.D, The Organization Doctor

  • You guys do great work. Your Web site is great!

    -- Cheryl Miller, HealthQuest

  • I was always frustrated with the lack of results from my marketing. Then I tried one simple and inexpensive Give to Get Marketing technique that began producing results from the first day I used it. By using that one simple idea, my business is growing larger every month. I would highly recommend the Give to Get Marketing Solution to any small business owner who is serious about growing their business.

    -- Louise Block, Block Business Call Center

  • I love your site and have ordered your Give to Get Marketing Solution.

    -- Noreen Morin

  • The Give to Get Marketing approach really is simple to understand, and it works. I'm thrilled with my results. I'm booked solid for the next six months! Thank you both for an affordable and effective program.

    -- Carol Komassa, C. K. Brit Human Resources

  • Thank you for your Web site. I am also in receipt of your fortnightly newsletter. These are invaluable resources for me.

    -- Loani Prior, PRIOR ENGAGEMENTS, Australia

  • I can't adequately tell you how much I enjoy your newsletters and how many times I have recommended you to others. I have just finished reading your e-commerce articles on your Give to Get Marketing Web site, and all I can say is RIGHT ON! The lack of common sense that many, many Web sites display is just astounding! People selling products costing hundreds of dollars with black Web pages that were unreadable. Best of luck in 2001 - you have a wonderful business and philosophy.

    -- Carolyn Ferrell,

  • Your help has been amazing. Thank you for going 'above and beyond' my expectations.

    -- Nancy Curtis, Michigan

  • Just had to tell you two that once I opened your Give to Get Marketing Solution I couldn't stop reading it! It's written so anyone can understand and grasp it. I purchased your course as a means to help jump-start our new product and found that we have been doing it WRONG! Now I finally understand exactly what we need to do to succeed. Thank you!

    -- Peggy Eads, The DEMPL Group, Inc.

  • I recently purchased The Give to Get Marketing Solution and Finally Organized, Finally Free, and they are terrific.

    -- Ailsa Kellam, Organize It, Grand Junction, CO


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