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It takes a long time
before your advertising
starts producing any results
by Joe Gracia

One statement we often hear from new clients is . . .

'I know that it takes a long time before my advertising will start to produce any results. I just have to be patient.'

Our clients are very surprised when we then tell them that what they just stated is a huge marketing myth.

This myth has been repeated so often that everyone just assumes that it must be true.

The truth is, if your advertising is based on a solid, effective marketing strategy that is designed to attract interested prospects to your company -- not sell your product -- you should start getting results within a few days, not a few months or a few years.

While big businesses can afford to spend millions of dollars on cute, clever and creative 'awareness' campaigns and wait many months or even years in the hope that their subtle messages will eventually sink into the minds of their target audiences, small businesses have neither the time nor the enormous budgets for such extravagance.

They need results -- now!

What works for big companies doesn't necessarily work for small companies.

Big businesses often run ads that don't ask for any action -- they just get their name out into the marketplace.

Other businesses run One-Step ads that ask for the sale in one, quick-and-easy step.

Savvy small business marketers know that neither of these approaches work for small businesses. You'll be waiting forever, if you use either of these approaches.

The most effective marketing strategy for small businesses is called the Two-Step approach. It produces immediate response.

Step One: Attract interested prospects to your business with a compelling and magnetic Offer -- very often it's free information.

Step Two: Get your prospects' contact information and follow-up with them repeatedly with solid marketing offers to convert them.

As an example, we attract thousands of interested prospects to our marketing business, by offering a Free Marketing Idea-Kit, and free marketing newsletter.

We receive response to our first step immediately -- we never have to wait for our marketing efforts to 'sink' in. Either our prospects want what we've offered them or they don't.

We then follow-up with our prospects twice-a-month with our newsletter and product offers. We generate thousands of dollars in sales every month from this powerful second step.

Don't let anyone tell you that you have to wait a long time for your advertising to start producing. If it isn't producing within a few days, it's doubtful that it will be producing in a few months, either.

Use an effective strategy and start getting results immediately.

If you are ready to learn just such a strategy that has helped us grow our business, and the businesses of our clients, you can learn more about our Give to Get Marketing Solution at the following page.

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