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Q. Hasn't the word FREE lost its effectiveness today?
It seems that everywhere I turn, I see the word FREE. Since everyone knows there isn't any such thing as a free lunch, I feel that the word doesn't have much effect anymore. What do you think?


A. Marketing expert, Joe Gracia, responds:

No, we don't think the word FREE has lost its effectiveness, anymore than air has lost its effectiveness.

Fashions may change, but human nature never does.

People want to keep as much of their money as they possibly can, so they are always on the lookout for terrific deals that benefit them.

Whether it's a lower price, a free add-on, free information, a free consultation, or even a free gift, it's bound to affect a prospect in a positive way.

Take this simple test. Which of the following would you be more likely to respond to:

1a. An initial appointment with an accountant who charges you $50 for the appointment,
1b. a FREE initial appointment with an accountant who doesn't charge for the appointment?

2a. Pay full price for two items,
2b. pay for the first item and get the 2nd item free?

3a. Pay $9.95 for a Marketing Idea-Kit,
3b. get the Marketing Idea-Kit for FREE?

4a. Pay $49 to enter a Marketing Resource Web-site filled with marketing articles,
4b. enter the marketing resource for FREE?

If you're like the average person, you are going to want the deals that benefit you more.

The word FREE is one of the most powerful words in marketing. Use it intelligently, and it will serve you well.


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